Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Council Paves The Way For Another $700,000 Down The Drain!

City Council voted 6-3 (Kipp, Bestwick, McKay opposed) to grant a licence of use to a new group wanting to use the old building at 25 Victoria Rd. for their theatrical pursuits. The city taxpayer will pay the group $11,350/yr as an operating grant, except in the first year when it appears will be paying them $11.350 for the remainder of 2014 which is only six months. I am still waiting for a clarification on this, stay tuned.

This building with an assessed value of $280,000 has already cost Nanaimo taxpayers $802,876 and in order to satisfy the deficiencies outlined in an engineers report, we can expect to put out at least another $727,023 over the coming years.

Can You Believe Staff Reports?

At the June 16 COW meeting Suzanne Zamborski assured council the building would only require $50,000 in maintenance over the next three years. That claim was not supported by any studies which would seem to contradict the engineers report of a few years ago. Of course you can simply choose to ignore needed repairs and let the building fall into further disrepair, but that is hardly sound asset management.

This also contradicts a staff report in Dec. 2013 which recommends the building will require $160,000/yr. for  at least the next five years, to bring the building up to an acceptable standard.

A Little 'Spinning' To Fleece The Taxpayer?

It would seem that there is an appetite to get someone else to play 'little theatre' on Victoria Road and the reality of having to put another $700,000 into the building might make it a hard sell. But if you ignore the engineers reports and make the claim that only $50,000 over three years is needed as opposed to $160,000/yr. it makes the whole deal a bit more palatable.

In the end it is only tax dollars we are talking about, and hey, it is an election year, and I am sure there are some votes to be gained with this little misuse of YOUR tax dollars.

How much longer before the next election?

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